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By offering a full range of geospatial services, Virture Infotek can help you to evaluate your needs and thereby provide cost-effective solution.

We can guarantee you a maximised ROI through our products since we in Virture Infotek specialize on providing the best to the most suitable

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Privacy Policy

Solely coming under the administration of Virture Infotek Pvt. Ltd, this website is primarily used as a business apparatus to help you plan and change your future. Since we engage with our clients & visitors quite closely, it's our pelasure to demonstrate our commitment to user's privacy, henceforth we disclose our privacy policy procedure here. We want you to feel secure when visiting our website and are committed to maintain your privacy when doing so.

What information do we collect?
We collect your information when you register on our site, fill out a query form or subscribe to newsletters. What all to be collected are Your Name, Email, Contact No, and Message (in case of a query).

What do we do with your Information?
Information collected can be used for various purposes, all for improvising your experience with us.
  • For improving customer experience (Your feedback is more valuable than you can imagine, your opinions can help us to improve our ways to deal with you in a more successful & satisfying manner)
  • For personalizing your experience (Your suggestions can assist us in personalizing your experience and meeting individual needs)
  • For improving our web services for you (We always listen to customers and improve our web services with an aim to be user friendly)
  • For sending timely e-mails (The e-mail address you provide in our form may be used for sending information and updations on our new products and services, publishing news letters etc, you can unsubscribe at any time you wish to do so)
  • For carrying out a survey, promotion or an interactive event.

How do we protect you information
We take appropriate steps to maintain the security of your data on In our offices, we have implemented Data Centers with a very sophisticated security shield to protect your data from illegal access and mis-usage. We hereby guarentee that all your information would be treated with extreme care and privacy.

Do we transfer or disclose your information outside?
Being a global organization, data we collect from you may be transferred internationally throughout Virture's worldwide entities for processing. We do not intend to trade or transfer your personal information outside our network. However, with your consent we could provide your details to third parties (our trusted partners) for promotions as long as they agree to keep your information confidential.

By using our website, you consent to our privacy policy. Anytime we wish to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes in this page.

Note: This policy is only applicable for the information that we collect through our website and not for any other information collected directly or indirectly. We have a distinct privacy policy for information collected in other ways. If you have any queries regarding our policies, please contact us .
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  • Geospatial Services

    By offering a full range of geospatial services, Virture Infotek can help you to evaluate your needs and thereby provide cost-effective solution

    Though maps have been an inevitable part of human life for millenniums, it is only within the last few decades the rapid emergence of technology has brought 3-dimentional digitization of maps with the help of computer graphics resulting in the formation of Geographic Information Systems.

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