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Delivering Spatial Authenticity

By offering a full range of geospatial services, Virture Infotek can help you to evaluate your needs and thereby provide cost-effective solution.

We can guarantee you a maximised ROI through our products since we in Virture Infotek specialize on providing the best to the most suitable

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Geospatial Services

Being a proficient leading-edge GIS services provider, thoroughly empowered with advanced technology and skilled manpower, Virture Infotek enjoy matchless character in our services as well as client relationships.

Satellite Imagery A well nurtured team full of personnel who precisely grasp your requirements & interlace the geospatial solutions to suit your own needs in your own way to form the 3-dimensional digtization of the specific area you are looking for.

At Virture Infotek, our services classically explore into Cartographic services, Remote Sensing, Land Surveying, Public Utility Management, Natural Resource Management, Photogrammetry, Geographical Academics, Urban Planning, Emergency Management and Navigation.

Data Capturing
During the development process of, data capturing is considered to be most time consuming processes for GIS practitioners. In order to save time and resources, the means we carry out Data- Capturing in Virture Infotek differs from time to time and project to project. Most common practices include:
  • Data acquisition from field survey
  • Searching our Knowledge database
  • Verifying digital sources including satellite imagery, aerial photographs, ancillary maps (e.g., Topographic coverage maps, Land coverage maps) etc.

GIS Implementation
Our highly skilled team digitizes maps & drawings and converts them from raster to vector formats in order to co-ordinate Spatial data, Non-spatial data and the affairs between them.

To create a better perspective of geography, we create different layers according to the requirements and valuable opinions from clients. By providing accurate, rapid, cost- effective and thoroughly professional digitizing/vectorizing solutions we are prospering to be one of the top favourites in the GIS arena.
  • Earthmine Mars Collection System

    Looking for a brief introduction? Here it is, An ultimate truly scalable 3D mapping system wholly designed and developed by Earthmine

    With the help of ever-growing technology, having collected high resolution stereo panoramic imagery automatically on a distance based interval at regular driving speeds...

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  • Geospatial Services

    By offering a full range of geospatial services, Virture Infotek can help you to evaluate your needs and thereby provide cost-effective solution

    Though maps have been an inevitable part of human life for millenniums, it is only within the last few decades the rapid emergence of technology has brought 3-dimentional digitization of maps with the help of computer graphics resulting in the formation of Geographic Information Systems.

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